New York Neo-Futurists
New York Neo Futurists (NYNF) is an experimental theater group presenting inexpensive art for the general public. NYNF shows often feature audience interaction and are guided by a belief in being as genuine as possible on stage.


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The Theoretical Physics of Procrastination
The Committee to Decide Things
Gnome Sane

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So What is Futurism?

As defined by the performers themselves, neo-Futurism is “a new approach to performance which advocates the complete awareness and inclusion of the actual world within the theater in order to achieve a goal: to bring people to a greater understanding of themselves and each other.” Combining elements of surrealism, Dadaism, and Italian futurism that is defined by rapid movements, performances are filled with quick wit and require actors and audiences to stay on their toes. 

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Don't Miss The Human Symphony

Some of our worst nightmares is attending theater and being plucked from the audience and expected to perform on stage in front of a live, judgmental audience. But with the New York Neo-Futurists’ show “The Human Symphony,” this is a reality in which audience members clamor to partake. These six participants are then given instructions that they then must act out, a physical interpretation, in a sense. In the end, the audience comes away with different slices of the human condition as intimate moments of another person’s life is acted out onstage, as the show’s writer, Dylan Marron, says the show is driven by exploring connections between man. 

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Experience "225 Plays"

The New York Neo-Futurists are best known for their performance piece, “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind,” consisting of thirty plays performed in sixty minutes. Audiences are thrilled by the whiplash speed of the performances, but for those looking to enjoy the show at home on their own time, you can now try the show in book form. Published in 2011, the NYNFs collected 225 plays (condensed from 1,300 total) and translated from stage to page for the audience’s pleasure after the show is over. In book form, the diversity of topics and viewpoints is even more evident and enjoyable for a wide audience. 

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