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Health Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteer in the Health Organizations of Manhattan

For those interested in the field of health, volunteering is a great way to get your feet wet and learn what it takes to work at a prominent organization. So for the health volunteer opportunities of New York City, read on.... read more

Early LGBT History in NYC - Key Events That Shaped Our City Before Stonewall

June is Pride month here in New York City, which is a time to celebrate and to reflect on the people and events that have helped to further LGBT rights and shape the community’s culture. Most of these events and figures are not documented as well as Stonewall, but their contribution to human rights and the LGBT community made an incredible impact.... read more

LGBT NYC: 5 Events to Attend to Celebrate Pride Month

Now that Gay Pride Month is upon us, it’s time to celebrate sexual diversity and gender expression. There are a multitude of events in New York City for all ages and interests to promote inclusiveness in every sense of the word.The events culminate in the best Pride Parade at the end of the month, but don’t wait to wave your rainbow flag, here are five of the LGBT NYC Gay Pride events you won’t want to miss.... read more

Tony! Tony! Tony! NYC Theater Beyond Broadway

All the world is a stage and the people of NYC are stars! New York City is a town where people take their theater seriously, and there’s so much to offer beyond Broadway. Let NYXT guide you through all the ways you can get your dramatic fix in the city.... read more

Community Volunteering: Get Involved in Manhattan Community Organizations

Manhattan is full of organizations dedicated to improving the community around them. By volunteering with one of these organizations, you can learn more about the inspiring individuals behind the efforts and see firsthand what it means to come together as a community. If you’re wondering which organizations offer community volunteering opportunities, read on below.... read more

Investing in Community Healthcare

Around the world, universal healthcare is a right, but not in the United States. In times of distress, American communities have banded together to create their own neighborhood wellness centers when resources were intentionally denied. If in the future, should quality treatment become scarce, it may be time for communities to rally once again to provide solutions when their government refuses. Establishments like LSA Family Health Center in East Harlem already does exactly this.... read more

Asian American Pacific American Heritage Month: 5 Key Facts to Know

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, which celebrates all of the Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States who have made the country what it is today. During this month, the country celebrates the achievements and remembers the struggles endured by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.... read more

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