Arts Volunteer NYC: Volunteer in the Arts Organizations of Manhattan

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and give back to the community. Organizations across New York City are looking for vibrant individuals to volunteer, giving valuable time and helping move their cause forward. If you’re interested in the arts, there are a variety of organizations to reach out to in order to offer your time and services. Here are just some of the amazing arts companies that look for volunteers in New York City.


Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a mission to carry on the work of choreographer, dancer, and cultural leader Alvin Ailey. The Dance Theater has established an extensive cultural community that provides performances, training, and community programs for all people. Find volunteer opportunities here or contact the organization to see how you can help.


American Institute of Graphic Arts

The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) seeks to advance design as a professional skill, strategic advantage, and cultural force. AIGA relies on volunteers for help with local events and conferences, completing design work such as brochures and posters, and design services for other endeavors. Find out more about volunteering with AIGA here.


Irish Arts Center

The Irish Arts Center is a cultural community dedicated to disseminating a dynamic image of Ireland and Irish America. The Center does this by building an active community with artists and people of all backgrounds, creating relationships, and sharing traditional Irish culture with all who visit. The Irish Arts Center needs volunteers for their numerous events throughout the year, so visit here to find out how to join in.


Magnet Theater

Magnet Theater is a performance and training space for comics in New York City. The Theater is at the center of the improv movement and has grown into a renowned improv school and theater. Magnet Theater performs shows and hosts classes in improv, sketch, musical improv, and storytelling. Contact the theater to learn how to get involved.


New York Neo-Futurists

New York Neo-Futurists are a collective of writers, directors, and performers who create theater “that is fusion of sport, poetry, and living-newspaper,” including interactive performances and un-reproducible events. New York Neo-Futurists are always looking for volunteers, as they run the box office. Find out how to see free shows by volunteering with the organization here.


Roundabout Theatre Company

The Roundabout Theatre Company is a non-profit organization that produces classic plays and musicals, showcases new work by up-and-coming talent, and enriches the local community through educational initiatives. Contact the theatre to find out how you can volunteer with this renowned organization.


Rubin Museum

The Rubin Museum of Art showcases thought-provoking exhibitions and programs, which includes films, concerts, and stage performances. The Museum provides immersive experiences and pushes visitors to look at the world differently. There is a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, all of which come with really excellent benefits, so check them out here.


Volunteering with the arts can open your mind to new experiences. These organizations are always looking for determined individuals who want a creative and unique volunteer experiences, so be sure to see how you can get involved today.


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