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The mission of Children's Aid is to provide kids in poverty with opportunities to help them realize their full potential. They provide educational, emotional and health-oriented support to nourish mind, body and spirit.


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Go!Healthy with Children’s Aid Society

In 2006, the Go!Healthy Gardens program was born. The program teaches children about nutrition and health lifestyle, while allowing kids to use the garden as a living laboratory. Kids learn to grow and harvest; in addition, the products from the garden are used by youth from across the program to support their culinary adventure. Go!Healthy has helped to transform school yards, underutilized community gardens, and rooftops into vibrant growing spaces for education and enjoyment.

Get Healthy!

Get Involved at Children’s Aid

Feel connected to our community? Children’s Aid offers a variety of volunteer at all of their 40+ sites. Whether you are an individual or a group, able to volunteer once or are interested in projects that call for ongoing assistance, all commitment is welcome. Help Children’s Aid provide for children and families with the tools and support they need to fulfill their promise. 

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A Second Opportunity for Success

In the 21st century, a degree could be the reason for your greater lifetime earnings. A high school equivalency degree can be a crucial step to rising above the barriers of poverty, and to a better life. Children’s Aid offers a number of programs that help youth and adults obtain their High School Equivalency diploma. Programs are free and accessible to non-native English speakers. Classes are currently offered in English and Spanish.

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