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Transportation Alternatives promotes walking, bicycling, and public transportation in New York City. TA activists are presently working to improve infrastructure for bicycling and walking on city streets, as well as traffic policies to help save lives.


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Vision Zero

In addition to promoting a greener earth through walking, cycling and public transportation, one of Transportation Alternatives’ most significant missions is achieving Vision Zero: eliminating pedestrian-vehicular injuries and deaths on the New York City streets. Every year, an estimated 4,000 New Yorkers will be injured and another 250 will be killed in traffic-related accidents: every two hours a pedestrian is at risk. Since 2014, Transportation Alternatives has joined forces with Vision Zero to create safer bike lanes and routes, campaigning for safer intersections in neighborhoods, and making stricter laws against drivers causing injuries when the pedestrian has the right of way.

Create Safe Streets

Bike the Boros

When you live in a pedestrian-friendly city, nothing is better than going on a bike tour to explore your neighborhood! Bikers can explore Manhattan, Staten Island, and even ride through Queens from Brooklyn. Transportation Alternatives is also proud to sponsor NYC Century, an urban bike tour now in its 27th year. The tour has three routes for all levels of bikers: 31 miles for beginners, 62 miles for intermediates and a whopping 100 miles for the experienced pedal-ers. This yearly bike-stravaganza raises money to help keep NYC safe for cyclists and pedestrians, with $111,000 raised to date.

Explore Your City For a Good Cause

Be An Activist

Transportation Alternatives is more than just making cities bike- and walking-friendly. An important goal is also rehabilitating and preserving transportation infrastructure such as railroad facilities and canals, and beautification of landscapes. This includes increased lighting, arranging greenery to make it safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers; building and maintaining bridges; pollution, storm water or runoff prevention and abatement; catering to individuals with disabilities, and safer areas around schools. Transportation Alternatives is more than just advocating for safety but for environmentally friendly solutions to increase traffic responsibility and preserving historic spaces. Want to be an activist for your city’s streets?

Be An Earth-Friendly Biker

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