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New Leaders Council (NLC) is a nonprofit that works to recruit, train, and promote the next generation of progressive leaders. NLC Alumni take their activism back into their communities and workplaces to create progressive change. Through #GothamTalks, a partnership between Gotham Gazette and NLC’s New York City chapter, NLC fellows and board members will speak up on policy debates that impact our city - passionate, informed opinions on everything from our elections and tech innovations to criminal justice reform and gender equity. Most importantly, through their expertise in civic engagement and public service, they’ll explain how you can act on what you believe and take the next steps to advocate for a more just city.  


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Michael Pernick
Jordan Stockdale
Crystal Hudson
Jarret Berg
Elizabeth Adams
Max Markham

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Be a Leader In Your Community

Millennials are leading the charge in debates about economy, social justice and the democratic system. For over 10 years New Leaders Council has trained the next generation of leaders.  Whether that is challenging current policies or pushing for new ones, these leaders are breaking barriers.  Through various events at different chapters, and national policy conversations, NLC has empowered these millennials to seek change. 

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The New Leader

NLC has grown from a young upstart in San Francisco to chapters all across the United States. The main aspect all members of this organization emphasize is using your voice. Several millennials do just that by penning their thoughts on the current politics of the U.S. in The New Leader journal. 

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Opportunities With the NLC

NLC provides Millennials who want to take those next steps to grow through internships and fellowships. NLC's Fellows Institute is a highly selective and intensive training program for young progressive professionals. Bringing together training, mentoring, and networking, the NLC Institute is the key pathway into progressive entrepreneurship. Each year we look for young professionals with progressive passion and an entrepreneurial streak to join our class of Fellows. The Institute lasts from January to June. A former fellow shared his experience on the Huffington post here

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