Museum of the City of New York
The Museum of the City of New York celebrates the unique past, present and future of New York City. The museum engages audiences through exhibitions, learning opportunities, publications and public events. 


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New York At Its Core: Recreating View of Melrose
Joseph Michael Lopez
New York At Its Core: Ruby Bailey
New York At Its Core: Onward Oyster
Tony's Story
Sasha's Story
Marian's Story
The City Confronts Civil Rights
City As Canvas: A Word from Lady Pink
New York At Its Core: Gloria Steinem

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MCNY Memberships

Want to get more involved with the Museum of the City of New York? MCNY offers multiple variations of memberships to fit people’s best interest. Depending on the membership chosen, you will have access to free guest admissions, discounts at the museum’s shop & café, exclusive events, as well as admission to public programs offered with MCNY. You can apply for a membership online or go to the museum during their active hours. 

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Education for Families & Community

Not only does the Museum of the City of New York feed us information about our beloved city, but they also offer educational services for families and our community. MCNY offers several educational classes for different age groups through out the year, and are posted on their site. The classes range from story time, where toddlers get enriched with early childhood programming, to ‘My City Lab’ for tweens, where they learn about the changes our city has gone through, and will go through in the near future. 

MCNY's Education for Families & Community

Events, Events, Events

The Museum of the City of New York makes sure to not leave anybody out of the programs offered. MCNY hosts events nearly daily, with a spread out schedule, so everyone gets an opportunity to join in on the fun. Events vary from early morning workouts on the terrace, to Wine and Cheese for school educators. Some events are even covered with your admissions fee. Whether you are a morning person or not, there is an event that will be fit for you. 

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