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The LGBT Center is a welcoming community that empowers people to live happier and healthier lives.


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The LGBT Center Renewal

New York's LGBTQ population is vibrant and open, so it's important the haven that houses this community reflects thats. Residing in their headquarters since 1983, in a neighborhood that bridges Chelsea with Christopher Street, the LGBT Center recently renovated its home on West 13th Street. Opened when the community was in crisis -- the beginning of the AIDS epidemic and the Regan administration's subsequent cold shoulder -- the center is now looking towards the future with a hopeful eye. The center's transformation is not just about creating an open, safe space, but about preservation: of art, of history and of people.

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The LGBT Center's Health and Wellness Program

High rates of substance abuse amongst gay and transgender people have been a tear in a the community's fabric. Stress from everyday discrimination -- from housing to healthcare to employment -- takes a massive toll, and drugs and alcohol often act as a crutch. In addition, addictive legal products like alcohol and tobacco are specifically marketed to marginalized groups through advertisements. The LGBT Center's outpatient program helps those in the grips of addiction and is designed for all ages, and offers insurance options in addition to recovery support for all mental and physical health needs. The recovery program is the only one in New York designed specifically with the LGBT community's needs at the forefront to ensure its patients will be met with sensitivity and compassion.

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Creativity at the LGBT Center

The LGBT Center is more than just an asylum, it's a museum of sorts. Artifacts from gay history have been preserved in its lobby so that space exists as more than just protection, it also serves to teach it patrons.

"We wanted to celebrate multiple aspects of LGBTQ diversity in the arts."

-Ian Alteveer, Metropolitan Museum of Art Curator

Ian Alteveer was enlisted to help design the space after the Center's recent renovation.

Artists are also encouraged to display their works at the Center on a rotating basis, but especially important in the conservancy of culture is the fact that one-of-a-kind works by Keith Haring, Barbara Sandler and Martin Wong endure in this space, as the Center ensures their legacies carry on. 

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