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Harlem One Stop connects people with arts, civic groups, cultural institutions, businesses, and cultural opportunities in Harlem.

Videos from Harlem One Stop

Without Any Words In It

Harlem One Stop 05:27 Community

Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez is a visual artist working with graffiti and other forms of street art.

Harlem School of the Arts

Harlem One Stop 05:40 Community

A profile of the Harlem School of the Arts, with information about its history and course offerings.

Harlem One Stop 04:28 Community

Columbia University professor Frances Negron-Muntaner talks about the role that debt plays in Caribbean countries and how art and scholarship can help us understand the impacts of colonization.

Destination Harlem

Harlem One Stop 01:57 Community

A tour of Harlem's landmarks and scenery.

Postcards From The Past

Harlem One Stop 04:54 Community

An exhibit at the City College of New York highlighting old postcards of CCNY's famed architecture.

Harlem One Stop 04:33 Community

A profile of Jazzland in Concert, a musical based on Alice in Wonderland set in Harlem and performed by young people at the Harlem School of the Arts

Harlem Perspectives

Harlem One Stop 04:50 Community

Faction Art Projects

Harlem One Stop 04:02 Community

Harlem Chamber Players

Harlem One Stop 04:12 Community

Arthur Mitchell

Harlem One Stop 04:30 Community

Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation

Harlem One Stop 04:19 Community

Rhonda McLean-Nur

Harlem One Stop 05:05 Community

Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

Harlem One Stop 01:36 Culture

Halloween Pet Costume Parade

Harlem One Stop 02:59 Community

Morningside Lights

Harlem One Stop 07:05 Community

Sexy Soul Oldies

Harlem One Stop 04:24 Community

Sakura Park Festival

Harlem One Stop 05:06 Community

Uptown Artists Group Portrait

Harlem One Stop 03:01 Community

Harlem One Stop 01:42 Community

Peace Garden at Hostelling International NYC

Harlem One Stop 03:04 Community

Harlem One Stop 01:23 Community

Dindga McCannon Exhibition

Harlem One Stop 05:51 Community

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There’s more to Harlem than meets the eye, which is why Harlem One Stop offers walking tours to give you an inside look at the rich history and culture of the neighborhood. With multiple tours to choose from, you’ll learn what makes Harlem the diverse neighborhood it is today by visiting restaurants, jazz clubs, historic homes and more.

Depending on the tour you choose, you’ll visit the different sections of Harlem such as Hamilton Heights, Sugar Hill and Central Harlem. Harlem One Stop even offers specialty tours for those who have a particular interest in the religious sites of Harlem. Plus, select tours are free for New York Pass holders. 

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