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The Asia Society is an educational organization and museum that promotes understanding among the people and cultures of Asia and the United States. They are active in the fields of arts, business, culture, education, and politics.


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Jose Antonio Vargas
The Forbidden Game
Five Monks, Five Days, One Sand Mandala
Nemico Della Patria
Don't Mess With North Korea
Takahiro Iwasaki at Work
How to Make A Leotini
Eric Gamalinda
Subha Barry
Dan Rather on China

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Mainstream media outlets don’t always cover the most pressing issues or tell the full story. The Asia Society’s Center of U.S.-China Relations recognizes this and has created an online publication called Chinafile to inform people around the world about the latest news in Chinese politics, business, healthcare and more. Chinafile is more than just a typical online newspaper. In addition to the articles written by accomplished journalists and scholars, site visitors can engage in a complete multimedia experience by watching videos, viewing photo galleries, and listening to podcasts. The ultimate goal of Chinafile is to provide the audience with a complete and unbiased look into the the latest news in China.

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In order for children to become productive members of society, they need to be provided with a well-rounded education and have an understanding of the world around them. The Asia Society’s Center for Global Education is dedicated to shaping students into global citizens, which is why they offer a myriad of free resources to enhance learning opportunities. Whether you’re a teacher, parent or someone who’s passionate about educating our world’s youth, join the Asia Society in teaching global competence. Peruse their lesson plans, reading materials and activity guides and learn about how to get involved with one of their education initiatives.

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Since 9/11, people tend to lump all Muslims together under one negative stereotype. As a result, citizens walk around with unjustifiable hatred and fear towards Islam and the people who practice the religion. In an effort to combat this prejudice and ignorance, the Asia Society put together the “Creative Voices of Muslim Asia” initiative. This project gives Muslim artists the chance to tell their stories and share the truth about their religion and culture through art, music, dance and more.

It’s time to gain a fresh perspective on Islam and the Muslim community.

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