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The Youth Media Center offers Manhattan residents ages 16 to 24 free video production training, digital journalism internships and the opportunity to produce social justice focused media on important youth issues for MNN's award-winning Youth Channel, which airs weeknights from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm on MNN4.


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War on Drugs
Perspectives On Student Loans
Art Heals
Cure For Conflict: Prison System
Undocumented Motherhood
German Expressionism
Fast Food
Dealing With the MTA

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Educational Opportunities at the Youth Media Center

Have you ever watched your favorite television show, and wished you worked on set? The Youth Channel makes it easy for young adults to get hands on experience on basic studio production. TYC provides free training in technical, creative and social aspects of media making, so you are one step closer to producing your own show. 

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Create Your Own TV Show

Creating videos has multiple steps, and can take a lot of time for the final project to be revealed. If you have invested the time to produce a video, you deserve to have it shared. The Youth Channel not only offers programs for you to learn how to use equipment to film, and offer space, but they also give everyone the platform to have their work aired on TV. 

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Everyone has had the experience of not being able to work somewhere because they have no experience, but cannot get experience if everyone wants it to hire you in the first place. TYC offers internships at the MNN El Barrio Firehouse location, and allows you to get your feet wet in the field. While learning more about the production field, you have the opportunity to build on your personal media portfolio.

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