Stuttering Association for the Young
The Stuttering Association For the Young empowers youth to develop creative ways of self-expression. Through summer programs and therapy, the organization provides support for kids with speech disorders.


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SAY's Programs

Stuttering goes beyond stage freight, and Stuttering Association for the Young is here to help. SAY knows the struggles that come with speech disorders, and decided to help improve this issue. Not only does SAY offer speech therapy, but they also created a camp, and school/weekend program to improve speech skills and confidence. 

Learn About SAY's Programs

Building an Online Community

Opening up can be a lot easier behind a screen and a keyboard, especially when you’re self conscious of your speech disorder. SAY has made is easier for people to communicate, without having to speak. People can go on the ‘My Stutter’ blog to read about other’s experiences with stuttering. You can also share your story for others to read.  

Read the My Stutter Blog

A Baseball Star and a Speech Disorder

Stuttering Association for the Young scores a home run with understanding their clients. SAY’s spokesperson, George Springer, suffers from speech disorder, and he does not let that stop him. The baseball all-star opens up about his stutter, and his experience as a professional athlete with a speech disorder. Springer also talks about being a part of SAY. 

George Springer's Story

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