Lower Eastside Girls Club
The Lower Eastside Girls Club (LESGC) gives girls and young women 8-18 pathways to grow, learn, have fun, & develop confidence in themselves and their ability to make a difference in the world. LESGC was founded in 1996 and all Lower East Side residents are eligible to participate.


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Fostering Girls' Education

The Lower East Side Girls Club has been providing a holistic safe space for giros aged 8 to 23 from low-income families since 1996. A community-based organization that offers mentoring in the arts, science, social justice and wellness; the goal of the club is to nurture girls in ways that are often neglected. So renowned is the LESGC that is has several celebrity supporters. The world's most famous media mogul, Oprah Winfrey, is a huge philanthropic powers to the institution. In addition, "Rent" actress Rosario Dawson has also uplifted the cause, and her efforts have helped support opening a branch of the LESGC in Sierra Leone. 

See How LES Girl Club is Fostering African Girls' Education

LESGS Recording and Broadcast Studio

The Lower East Side Girls Club has been setting the standards for state-of-the-art technology that, most importantly, it's for girls only. In 2015, LESGC repurposed an Airstream trailer and recommissioned it into a recording and broadcast studio fit for the club's new radio station. The building in which it's housed was completed with sustainable techniques and includes classroom and living space designated for the low-income families the organization serves. 

The studio will be an instrument through which the girls club's visual and sound projects can be transmitted. Says studio designed John Story,

"The LESGC Studio will serve as a valuable introduction to the field of audio recording and mixing. It will be very interesting to watch (and hear) the skills they develop, and to see them transfer these skills to the real world." 

Find Out More About This Extraordinary Project

Beautification Projects

Besides providing a sanctuary of learning and development for girls, the LESGC also has it hand in giving back to the community through beautification projects. In an enclave on East 1st Street and Houston sits a community garden restored by non-profits to provide an oasis in NYC's concrete jungle. Acting as both simultaneously green space and museum, this art park is public and open to host events. In 2013, the LESGC lent its artistic efforts in painting murals on the park's walled edges to honor some of the great women in American history. From civil rights activist Rosa Parks to first female Presidential candidate Shirley Chisholm to Supreme Court judge Sonia Sotomayor, the walls are decorated in bright, swirling hues that are extraordinary as the lives they depict. 

See Photos and Information about the Murals

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