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The Korea Society promotes awareness, understanding, and cooperation between the United States and Korea. The Korea Society offers art exhibitions, educational programs, policy talks, and a series of special events each year.


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New York City has become the hub for some of the world’s most famous and prestigious film festivals. In collaboration with Subway Films, the Korean Film Forum founded the New York Korean Film Festival in 2001, and in 2006, the Korea Society took the festival under its wing. The best of the best of East Asian cinema, the festival celebrates all genres, from romance to action comedies to period films to thrillers, and all from a distinct Korean point of view that is missing in American films. Many prominent Korean directors and actors-- including most recently, “Snowpiercer” actress Ko Ah-Sung-- are invited to give insights on the state of Korean cinema. Some of the city’s most prominent filmic tastemakers and institutions have hosted the event, including the Museum of the Moving Image to Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM). 

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Learn a New Language

Korea Society is more than just a historical resource. The center also offers Korean language classes for all stages of learners to help enthusiasts become even more immersed in the culture. Korea Society offers visual and audio aides to provide a variety of learning methods. The audio aides include simple fables for children, all the way to the subject of ever-wondrous K-Pop music-- all in Korean-- for listeners to follow along. Visual aides allow students to write their own poetry in Korean in addition to learning all about Confucius. It’s a fun way for scholars to advance their education and learn about Korea’s history. 

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The Van Fleet Award

For over 20 years, the Korea Society has given out the Van Fleet Award that honors those who best uplift the relationship between Koreans and Americans. The award was named after World War II and Korean War commander James A. Van Fleet, who was also the first president of the Korea Society. Previous winners of the laurel include Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon, former President Jimmy Carter, Samsung CEO Kunhee Lee, Lockheed Martin president Marillyn Hewson, and General Colin Powell. The honor is celebrated yearly at the Korea Society dinner. 

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