John Jay College of Criminal Justice
John Jay College of Criminal Justice is a school for individuals interested in exploring criminal-justice related fields. Their liberal arts curriculum equips students to pursue advanced study and careers in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.


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Is John Jay College of Criminal Justice Right For You?

Are you passionate about justice? An education at John Jay College of Criminal Justice can give you the skills needed to build a successful career focused on helping others. With unique majors like forensic psychology, criminology and police studies, John Jay is unlike an other school in the area. Even if you're interested in more traditional majors like english, sociology or economics, John Jay will teach you to think globally and help you to connect your fields of study with justice themes.

The best way to figure out if John Jay is right for you is to come for a campus tour where you can see the facilities, meet the faculty members and talk to current students about their experiences. Can't make an in-person tour?

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Get A Jump-Start On Your Career

John Jay College of Criminal Justice is committed to providing students with academic programs that feed their interests and expand their minds, but they realize more than just textbook information is needed to do that. John Jay's Career Center provides professional development services so that students feel prepared when the time comes to look for internships and their first full-time job for after graduation.

Students can visit the center for in-person assistance or they can reference the Career Help Sheets available on the John Jay website. There you'll find tips for interviewing, resume writing, networking and more.

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Check Out "Punitiveness in America"

With over two million people locked away behind bars, America has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world. In addition, our criminal justice system tends to practice punitive measures, or harsh forms of punishment, which many argue is unnecessary and even cruel. At John Jay College of Criminal Justice, many professors are at the forefront of justice related research and encourage students to challenge their beliefs and think critically about what's going on in the world around them. Now it's time for you to do that same by tuning in to John Jay's video series on "Punitiveness in America" hosted by David Green, assistant professor of sociology.

The series features interviews with scholar from across the world such as Sonja Snacken, Jan de Keijser and Anne Marie Cusack. Listen as they share their research, ideas and critiques of America's criminal justice system and punitive tendencies.

Watch The Series

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