Healtheo360 is an online network where patients living with chronic ailments can come to find support, encouragement, and information. Healtheo360 offers peer counseling, support groups, educational information, and a safe platform to connect with people going through the same things.


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Receiving a diagnosis and managing symptoms can be overwhelming and can sometimes make a person feel isolated. Healtheo360 doesn't want anyone to feel alone in their illness or caretaker role, which is why they created an online platform for members to connect with other people who have similar struggles. Members are encouraged to share their experiences and offer advice through blog posts or video diary entries. The platform makes it easy for users to search for stories by medical condition so they can find the most relevant stories fast. In addition to posts by members, team healtheo360 often shares advice videos about topics like weight loss, heart health, stress management and more.

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Becoming a Healtheo360 Member

Being a member of healtheo360 not only gives people the chance to connect with others, but it also offers access to some top-notch RESOURCES and PERKS that make dealing with medical conditions just a little bit easier. Members can receive pharmacy discount cards, rental car discounts and are invited to join healtheo360's "Health Access Program," which offers a fast way to connect with Board Certified physicians. In addition to those perks, healtheo360 has a list of over 40 health related organizations such as The American Cancer Society, The American Diabetes Association and The Children's Hearth Fund so members can get the information and support they need with ease.

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Supporting Healtheo360

Sharing experiences through video and blog posts are just two of the ways healtheo360 builds a support network among their members. In addition to the message board part of the website, healtheo360 also provides access to ONLINE SUPPORT GROUPS for a variety of conditions such as Alzheimer's Disease, HIV/AIDS, Epilepsy and more. There are even groups for those who are caregivers and those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. To further support their members, healtheo360 has a WEEKLY LIVE VIDEO SERIES where patients, caregivers and medical professionals share their stories and knowledge with members. Past topics include fighting cancer, living with CHD and benefits of the flu vaccine.

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