Harlem Arts Festival
The Harlem Arts Festival seeks to showcase artists and promote arts enthusiasm in Harlem, and to preserve the legacy of the neighborhood's artistic achievements.


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Lädy Millard
Eric Lockley
Sidra Bell
Timothy Bloom
Soul Steps
Brandee Younger
Elan Hi-Art
Billy Dean Thomas
Alia Kache
Toni Blackman

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HAF's Artist Selection

What does it take to be a part of Harlem’s Arts Festival? Every year, artists are given the opportunity to apply for a chance to participate in the Harlem Arts Festival. HAF’s Artist Selection Committee selects each artist through an application process. Artists that are selected each year join the Harlem Arts Family, which gives them a number of opportunities, which include: performing & presenting at the Harlem Arts Festival, free or discounted tickets to all HAF events, showcasing their work regularly in venues around New York City, conducting workshops, classes & residencies in local schools, and discounted or free recording studio time & rehearsal space. Apply now! 

HAF's Artist Selection


The arts community support truly shines while the new administration threatens to cut all federal funding for the arts. At the beginning of 2017, a group off 99 people decided to make a difference, and gather $1,000 in funds for the arts in their community. The Art Community created a campaign video that reached 59,923 people through social media via Thunderclap, and raised all their money through 50 different donors. The funds gathered are used to provide art materials for visual artists, provide rehearsal space for music, dance & theatre artists, support HAF’s volunteer staff and fund artists showcasing in their own community. 

Learn More about the #MyArtsCommunity Campaign

Fund and Donate To HAF

Want to get involved in Harlem Arts Festival? An event as big as HAF needs multiple helping hands. Every year, volunteer opportunities are offered for the festival. Whether you are good with technology, medical response, or a professional greeter, the volunteer opportunities are endless with HAF. Busy on the day of the festival? You can also contribute to HAF through one-time or monthly donations, to keep the arts alive in Harlem. Here's how to donate. 

Volunteer With Harlem Arts Festival

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