DIY provides online courses for kids to discover new skills and meet new friends. On DIY, kids teach other kids. Because who better to learn from than you?


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How To Build a Sandwich
Going Outside: Tic-Tac-Toe
One Note at a Time
Going Outside: The Physics Of A Curveball
Squirrels Are Awesome
The Meaning of Life

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Skills Right In the Palm of Your Hand

Children are often told to spend less time using their electronics and more time using their imagination, but what if they can do both? DIY is a safe, online community that allows kids (ages 7+) to learn new skills, explore their interests and share their work with other creative young people. With tutorials about a variety of topics, there’s bound to be something that will capture your child’s interest. From coding and mechanical engineering to baking and gardening, kids can choose from over 100 skills to learn. Each skill comes with a series of challenges and once they post visual proof of completing each one within the skill module, they get a badge! It’s the girl scouts and boy scouts of the internet age.

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DIY Co. & Cartoon Network Work Together to Launch JAM

Every child should go beyond its classroom to get extra education. In 2016, DIY Co. launched a new online learning platform for kids called JAM. The animation course that was developed in partnership with Cartoon Network, is free for any students who sign up to take it. JAM courses are held by staff at DIY and others who are experts in a given field. The site remains completely free for users, and it is accessible to any kids, JAM student, or not. 

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Flash Your Badge as a DIY Scout

Everyone knows the boys and girl scouts due to their infamous badges. DIY has created the ‘Extra Awesome’ program and made it easy for students to be rewarded with badges at the end of their “skill” program. Under the ‘Extra Awesome’ Club, you can also track your child’s progress on the platform. Kids will benefit by getting individual feedback by a DIY mentor, while being stylish with their badges.

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