CreativeMornings offer short, free talks to the creative community one Friday each month over breakfast. It's a great way to meet like-minded people and engage with subjects like technology and design.


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CreativeMornings believes that creatives should start every day feeling inspired and energized. Whether you attend their meetings or not, get the best of CreativeMornings anywhere and anytime by listening to their podcast. With two seasons of episodes to choose from, listen as innovators from all over the world share words of wisdom about topics such as the importance of loving your work, taking chances and fulfilling your purpose in life. Featured speakers include Seth Godin, Casey Gerald and Debbie Millman. Have thoughts to share while you’re listening? Use the hashtag #podcastCM on Twitter to join the conversation. 

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Each month a different CreativeMornings chapter selects the theme for the entire organization to focus on. Once the theme is announced, chapters all around the world are then asked to dedicate their discussions to that topic for the entire month. All CreativeMornings blog posts are centered around the the theme of the month as well. Check out curated playlists inspired by past themes like reality, change and ethics. The blog also offers updates from different chapters, guest posts from members with their take on the month’s theme, quotes, advice and so much more. 

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CreativeMornings began in 2008 as a small gathering for creatives in New York City looking to connect with their peers and start their day in a positive way. Since then, 148 chapters have been formed across the world from Atlanta to Auckland and beyond. Being part of the CreativeMornings community will give you the opportunity to network with other creative people in your area, encourage you to explore a new point of a view and inspire you to do what you do best - create! View the list of cities that already have a CreativeMornings chapter to see if your city is there. You can find host information and get involved in the next meeting. Don’t see your city on the list and want to start a chapter?

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