New York Election: 4 Tips for Voting in Municipal Elections

New York City municipal elections will take place on November 7, 2017. NYXT is here to help you feel prepared to exercise your civic rights: Learn about the candidates in the upcoming races, understand the issues that face our city, and know where to go to make your voice heard!


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1. Know the Issues

The officials who come to power through municipal elections have the greatest impact on the administration, funding, and changes in your neighborhood. Voting in city and county elections is your opportunity to influence the areas of New York City life that matter to you. Do you care about the public school system? Poverty? Healthcare? This month is a great time to read more about our city’s major voting issues. Make informed choices about the candidates and races in your community.


2. Get to Know Your Candidates

Elections will be held next month for the New York City mayor, public advocate, comptroller, and all 51 city council seats. Read about these candidates and find out whose values and visions for our city speak to you. You’ve likely been reading about the 2017 mayoral race in the local news; now is the time to learn the names and positions of the other people vying to sit on city council and fill all elected seats in our municipal government.


3. Vote for your Neighborhood

In addition to city-wide decisions, borough-level elections will also be taking place throughout the greater New York area. Although less high-profile than the mayoral and city races, county official elections, including those for Attorney Generals and Borough Presidents, select key leaders and policy developers in your neighborhood. Be sure to read up on your local candidates in Manhattan.


4. Find your Polling Place

Be ready to cast your vote on election day by finding your polling place in advance. Use the New York City Board of Elections Poll Site Locator App to discover exactly where to go and even download a sample ballot. Feeling prepared can help speed up your trip to the polls increase your confidence as you walk into the booth.

Local elections are an important opportunity to participate in the administration and growth of our city. Taking time to educate yourself on the candidates and issues and preparing to step into the booth will help you feel empowered to do your part for the future of your community.






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