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By artists, for artists, the Art Students League democratizes art by making the ability to create accessible to all. By offering affordable art education and use of facilities on a flexible schedule, the Art Students League opens up opportunities for those who want to pursue careers as creators. For nearly 150 years, the League has influenced some of the world’s most renowned artists and remains a collective that offers support for its next generation.


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A League of Legends

Some of the most celebrated artists have learned and taught at the Art Students League. Georgia O’Keeffe, Ai Weiwei, Mark Rothko, Louise Bourgeois, Maurice Sendak, Jackson Pollock, Norman Rockwell, and so many more familiar names have roamed through the halls on their way to becoming an indelible twine of the tapestry of art history. Many of these artists have been honored by PBS and their “American Masters” series. You can learn more about the journey of these artists on their site.

American Masters

Donate To Make a Difference

The Art Students League remains affordable to many through the donations of benefactors. Supporters have the opportunity to offer one-time or ongoing financial donations. By giving back to the arts community, you give back to a community that drives our culture, our freedom of expression, and our next wave of innovators.

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Take the League Home With You

The Art Students League offers lessons in printmaking, painting, drawing, welding, sculpting, and mixed media and offers special classes for children as well as creative writing and tutorials for social media. James McElhinney goes inside the art center with his book, “Art Students League of New York on Painting,” an illustrated inside look at the art school that captures its student life, imparting philosophies and lessons from well-known artists as well as completed works. More than just a coffee table book, this guide stands as an artistic revelation for every creator.

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